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Email Signatures   for Teams

SigSuite will transform your corporate emails from

boring and static to clickable and memorable.

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Our    Products

Business Meeting


For Teams that want premade signature designs up and running quickly and effortlessly, with the ability to do simple customizations, without any HTML coding knowledge.


For Teams that need all the features of SigSuite, plus full HTML coding control for more custom and complex signature designs. HTML knowledge required.

SigSuite Partners

For designers, marketers and Agencies that want to re-sell SigSuite and SigSuitePRO to their own clients. Remove all the stress of email signature coding, testing and installation.

Email Signature Rescue

Don't need all the fancy features for Teams that SigSuite provides? Try Email Signature Rescue instead. Upgrade to SigSuite when the time comes.

Experts    in Email Signatures

From the team that brought you Email Signature Rescue in 2013, we have lived and breathed email signature design and installation for over 10 years and served more than 150,000 end users.


Our larger clients told us they appreciated the beautiful templates that Email Signature Rescue offered, but they needed more robust user management features. We listened and SigSuite was created to serve that need.


Every new feature in SigSuite has been thought of with big business in mind. From the way you effortlessly invite Users, extensive Admin controls on signature designs, to timeplates that turn on/off automatically - once you use SigSuite, your company won't be able to live without it.

Clients    already using our software include

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Want to know more?

SigSuite has been in development for over 3 years and is launching in 2023.


We're so excited to share our newest email signature software with you.

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