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Partner Widgets

As a valued SigSuite Partner you will have access to Private and Public Widgets. Widgets are a small gallery of hand-picked email signature designs, designed by you, or us or a combination of both, showcased in a beautiful way, to entice your clients to customize their own HTML email signature and start their SigSuite free trial. 


Private Widgets

Partners create Private Widgets to showcase multiple signature designs to a Client and onboard them to the SigSuite software. 

How does it work?

You create one or multiple signature designs customized for your Client you are trying to onboard in SigSuite. 

You can add your own designs to the Private Widget, use our pre-made designs or a mixture both, it's up to you.

You send the designs to your Client in an online hosted private Widget link showcasing all the designs beautifully in an online Portal. You can add a password to access the link for extra security.

Your Client can start customizing that design online through the Portal with their own details by clicking on any design in the Private Widget that they like.


They could change their name, role, email, phone number, change colors or do some minimal customizations, however full customization options only open up when using the full version of the software. We don't want to overwhelm them at this stage!

Once customized, your Client can share the design with up to 5 colleagues. 

Anyone that customizes their own signature in the Portal, can also try installing it in any of our app-supported email clients like Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail and Thunderbird by simply downloading the app, free for up to 14 days. 

If your Client is happy with the signature design and using the SigSuite software, they enter their credit card details and begin using SigSuite right from the Portal you sent them to.


SigSuite knows that you sent your Client the Private Widget link and you get paid 20% of any payments your Client makes to SigSuite, both at sign up and in the future.

We take care of any support issues that your Client may have with installing and using the software in the future.

Designer's World

Public Widgets

Partners can also create Public Widgets. You can add your own designs, use our pre-made designs or a mixture both, again, it's up to you.

You can either send a link to a Public Widget to a potential Client for onboarding, or you might like to just embed the Widget directly on your business's website to obtain new customers automatically from your website visitors, without even lifting a finger. 

Just add the Public Widget to your website and let us take care of the rest. You will receive 20% of all sales at signup and in the future, when using a Public Widget.


We take care of any support issues that your referrals may have with installing and using the software in the future.


What's the difference between Public and Private Widgets?

Private and Public Widgets work pretty much the same, the only difference being that you can password protect the link in a Private Widget but not in a Public Widget.


Public widgets are just that, public! So you do not want to customize it using your client's private details. If you're customizing it for a client, you should use Private Widgets instead.

Pro Tip: You can add pretend Company and pretend People into SigSuite! They act like placeholders for public widgets showing potential clients what it could look like without exposing their private details on the internet.

Designer's World
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