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HTML Email Signature Software for Teams that need all the features of SigSuite, plus full HTML coding control for more custom and complex signature designs.


HTML knowledge recommended.

sigsuite advanced editor


All the features of SigSuite

PLUS, an advanced HTML code editor for fine-tuning complex and custom email signature designs 

Advanced HTML Editor

Need custom or complex HTML email signature designs for your company or clients? You need SigSuitePRO. 

With SigSuitePRO, you can alter any of our premade templates or start fresh on a completely new HTML design for your team or client's email signatures.

Pull in tags from the user signature data profiles directly into the designs.

We recommend you start with SigSuite and if you really can't achieve the design you're after with our in-built customization options and editor, you can always upgrade to SigSuitePRO.

Our   Features

Privacy Guaranteed

End Users install signatures via Windows/Mac app, browser extension or directly in their email clients. HTML is never injected inflight, which means complete privacy of your team's emails. Your emails don't need to go through ours, or any other third-party's server.

Easy User Onboarding

Admins invite Signature Users via a unique and private URL link. Send it in an email or online, however you communicate with your team. When clicked, it adds the User to the Signature directly, or adds them to a Queue, to be processed, depending on the Account Holder's level of security settings in your account. 

Meet Timeplates

For big business, set and forget your yearly email signature marketing and let Timeplates do the work for you. Schedule and rotate email signature designs automatically for events, sales, holidays and more.

Multi-Company Roles

Add as many Companies and People across those Companies as you need. People can be assigned to different roles in the account from Account Holders, to Company and Location Admins, to End Users. Each role can complete different tasks and functions. Learn more about Roles.

Signature Data Profiles

Creating your corporate email signatures should be a team effort. Cut down your administration work and get your email signatures up and running quickly by inviting all your End Users to help you fill in the gaps. End Users login and update their own profile data, saving you time.

No Risk, Free 14 Day Trial

Create your company email signature from over 20 premade templates, with limited customization. Share it with up 5 of your colleagues. Try installing it all your favorite email clients. When you're ready to get started, access more customization options and the full features.

Our    Products

Business Meeting


For Teams that want premade signature designs up and running quickly and effortlessly, with the ability to do simple customizations, without any HTML coding knowledge.


For Teams that need all the features of SigSuite, plus full HTML coding control for more custom and complex signature designs. HTML knowledge required.

You're here. Learn more above.

SigSuite Partners

For designers, marketers and Agencies that want to re-sell SigSuite and SigSuitePRO to their own clients. Remove all the stress of email signature coding, testing and installation.

Email Signature Rescue

Don't need all the fancy features for Teams that SigSuite provides? Try Email Signature Rescue instead. Upgrade to SigSuite when the time comes.

Clients    already using our software include

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